Published writings by Gerald (Jerry) Cinamon


 ‘Talwin Morris, Blackie and the Glasgow Style’, Private  Library, Spring 1987. The life and work of the Glasgow Style designer.

Guest Editor, contributor to, and designer of ‘Hans Schmoller’, Monotype  Recorder, no. 6, April 1987. Issue devoted to Schmoller’s life and work.

‘Alice B. Woodward’, Private Library, vol. 2:4, Winter 1989. First lengthy study of the illustrator.

‘CRM Society visit Northampton’ and ‘Blackie Archives Sold’, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Newsletter, no. 52, Winter 1989.

‘Talwin Morris Checklist’, Private Library, vol. 3:1, Spring 1990.

Review of Michael Felmingham, The Illustrated Gift Book 1880-1930, in Private Library, vol. 3:2, Summer 1990.

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‘Designs on Pelicans’, article for Pelican Books: A Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration (Penguin Collector Society), Miscellany 12, July 1997.

‘Mackintosh as a lettering artist’, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society newsletter, Summer 1997.

‘Rudolf Koch and the Blackletter’, The Edge (journal of The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society), October 1997.

‘The Glasgow Style Book Covers of Talwin Morris’, The New Bookbinder, vol. 19, 1999.

Rudolf Koch, Letterer, Type Designer, Teacher, published June, 2000 by Oak Knoll Press in USA, followed in July by The British Library.

Review of Incisive Letterwork exhibition, Morley Gallery, Morley College, Letter Arts Review, October, 2000.

Edited articles and wrote others in first five issues of Forum (Letter Exchange). 2000- 2002. Forum 3 (Autumn 2001): ‘What is a book, actually?’(review of V&A exh.)

‘Penguin New Art’, The Penguin Collector, June 2002. An article about the design, by the designer of the series (Gerald Cinamon).

Review of Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley, Apprenticeship, in Forum, no. 6, September, 2003. 

‘National Treasures and coffee breaks’, article about the ATypI conference, Vancouver, BC, Sept. 2003, Forum 7, April 2004.

Obituary of John Curtis, The Penguin Collector, June 2005.

‘Hans Schmoller: The Penguin Years’, The Penguin Collector, June 2005.

Review of Penguin in Print. A Bibliography (2003) for the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, March 2006.

‘Converting a hardback book to a paperback’, Penguin Collector, June 2006. 

Review of Robin Kinross, Modern typography, Hyphen Press, 2005 (2nd ed.), in Matrix 26, Dec. 2006.

‘Life as a Penguin’, Matrix 26, Dec. 2006.

Review of Richard Hollis, Swiss Graphic Design, King, 2006, in Matrix 26, Dec. 2006.

‘Penguin notes’, Penguin Collector (Summer 2007?), based on complimentary notes from authors/editors to Cinamon during his time at Penguin.

‘Penguin in Print’, reprint of Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America review in The Penguin Collector 67, Dec. 2006. 

Brenda Berman and Annet Stirling (Incisive Letterwork) and their exhibition at Morley College, in Heavens Above, 2006.

‘Book Design Conference’, review of the conference held at the St Bride Foundation, 19 January 2007, Forum 13, also Ultrabold (St Bride Foundation) and Parenthesis (April 2008).

Jan Tschichold at Penguin Books, review for Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America  (2008) also in Parenthesis 14 (April 2008).

Review of Chris Burke, Tschichold, Matrix 28 (2009).

‘Leipzig Rambling’, Matrix 28 (2009) following the Double Crown Club members’ visit to Dresden and Leipzig, May 2008. 

‘Paul Koch, Master Printer of Music’, Private Library, Autumn 2009.

‘Paul Koch and Fritz Arnold’, Private Library, Winter 2009.

‘Recollections of Frankfurt, Offenbach and Darmstadt’, Matrix 30, Sept. 2011.

Three reviews: Russell Maret, Mediaeval in Padua; A Roman inscription on Santi Giovanni e Paolo al Celio and Jason Godfrey, BibliographicForum 21, Feb. 2011.

‘Talwin Morris and Me’, CRM Society Newsletter, Spring 2011.

‘Jan Tschichold’, Penguin Collector 77, 2011.                             

Two reviews: S. McKendrick et al, Royal ManuscriptsThe Genius of Illumination and Rowan Watson, Western Illuminated Manuscripts, Forum 23, March 2012.

Emil Rudolf Weiss: The Typography of an Artist, Oldham: Incline Press, 2012.